Transpersonal Tarot Readings

The Tarot is considered one of the greatest repositories of Western ancient Wisdom.

Its rich archetypal language tells the story of personal and collective evolution along the path of life.

Transpersonal Tarot uses contemporary Jungian and Transpersonal psychology techniques to unlock the full potential of this ancient resource.

Raquel and Manuel apply the methodology developed by their teachers Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa for the Marseilles Tarot
–which is widely acclaimed as one the most serious, thorough, and profound Tarot modalities.

Transpersonal Tarot Readings are not predictive, they are evolutive, recognizing our own power to transform our lives.


Get to know the obstacles and opportunities in your path

Explore your deep desires, traumas and conflicts

Liberate your essential being from family tree conditioning

Understand the language of your unconscious

Open your mind and your heart to a higher state

Our Readings

We use the Marseilles Tarot, composed of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. In particular we use the deck painstakingly restored over the years by Philippe Camoin using ancient, original decks and sources. This is widely considered the richest tarot modality.

Our readings are not predictive. Transpersonal Tarot is not meant to tell the future, because that would strip the decision power from you. Our readings are evolutive, offering a mirror that reveals the obstacles and opportunities that exist in the present. The power is all yours to create your future.


Individual readings: Sliding scale from $150 optimal, down to $75 minimum for a 1 hour session.
Readings for couples: Sliding scale from $200 optimal, down to $100 minimum, for a 1 hour session.)
All readings include MP3 recording of the session and photograph of the cards.


Ou readings are available anywhere by teleconference –or in-person in Nevada City, California.

Some Types of Readings We Offer

Ask your own question

Our most common reading. Ask us any question -as long as it is non-predictive. We can help you formulate the questions too.

Life transition/Milestone/Birthday

Get to know the challenges and allies as you start a new period of your life.

Check Up

An overview of your Essential Being in relationship to its four centers: material center (health, body, work, money), sexual-creative center, emotional center and intellectual center.

Life Purpose

See with greater clarity and focus your life purpose, and understand where you stand now in the journey, and what it is being asked of you at this time.



Deepen your insight and understanding of the visible and invisible dynamics affecting your love life, the obstacles in the way, and the keys that unlock the path to harmony, growth and happiness with a partner.

About Us

Raquel Santiago is an international dancer, dance activist, dance healer and yogui, born in Barcelona (Spain), she lives now in Nevada City, CA. Raquel is trained in Evolutive Tarot with Monserrat Tubau and Marianne Costa, co-author of Jodorowsky’s seminal book, The Way of Tarot. She is also trained in Psychological Astrology.

Manuel Maqueda has been studying the archetypal landscape of the Marseilles Tarot for years, with Monserrat Tubau, independently and with his wife, Raquel. In addition to transpersonal readings, Manuel likes to use the rich mythology of the Tarot for systems thinking and innovation.

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